Rendering and Virtual Reality

Diego Lares – CEO

Diego is an architect by training and heritage, and a visionary by trade. The son of a successful architect and an accomplished artist, Diego has a deep relationship with visual creativity. Creating powerful images is a craft he has been refining since childhood.

One of his father’s quotes, “The key to architecture is knowing how to express an idea”, is the cornerstone of his professional career. From a young age, Diego has known the importance of listening and successfully capturing his client’s ideas. After practicing architecture professionally in London, Diego made NYC his home, and founded 3D World Renderings, Inc.

Diego is in charge of long-term strategy for the company and the vision of where we are going. As a very hands-on CEO, Diego is directly involved with tailoring teams for our clients, and oversees the quality of our work and our service. At some point or another, Diego personally works with all of our clients’ projects, and prides himself in the personal service and attention to detail he brings to 3D World.

Diego’s greatest joy in his work with 3D World comes from his personal interactions with clients and helping them bring their ideas to fruition. When Diego is not at our studio he enjoys time with friends & family and riding his Vespa around the city.

Alex Ocampo – Project Manager

Alex has a solid history of working with teams in creative fields. After completing her professional studies in Architecture. She worked in government agencies, and then started working at 3D World renderings, Inc. she started as head of accounts where she helped our studio maintain healthy relationships with all our clients, and making sure our office stayed afloat. Then she worked her way up to assistant manager for 1.5 years and today she is our PM.

As Project Manager, Alex brings her considerable experience in design and architecture to bear on the processes of all of our production teams. While focused more directly on day-to-day production, Alex shares with Diego the responsibility for the ultimate quality of our work.

When she’s not in the studio, Alex enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and traveling around the world, meeting new people.

Rendering and Virtual Reality
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