• What services do you offer at your studio?

    3D rendering, Architectural rendering, Product rendering, Virtual reality 360°, Real Estate Video, Computer Generated Imagery, Animation & VFX.

    What areas do you specialize in?

    We specialize in: Architecture, Interior Design, Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, Real Estate Developers, Property development, and Product Design

    Who are your regular clients?

    Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Design Agencies, Brands, Inventors and anybody really who has an idea and would like to portrait it into reality, we can help!

    What are the benefits of hiring 3D World renderings, Inc.?

    We are a team of Architects and Designers specialized in 3D rendering & Animation, we are not only experts in what we do, but we also understand your needs, because we speak the same technical language as you do, and even that our studio is all about human skill and high-tech gadgets, our company has a strong culture of great customer service and honest, sustainable partnerships with our clients. We are not looking for a large one-time profit; we are here for the long haul. You will find that we are willing and able to mesh well with your existing team, and we make ourselves available. We are here for you. And if required, our team of senior designers can assist you one-to-one at our studio or your studio in NYC. Wecan travel abroad when needed, or we can work remotely. Regardless, we will walk with you all the way to success.

  • What is a 3D rendering or Computer Generated image?

    3D rendering or Computer Generated images, are the process of generating 2D still images and animated videos out of a digital 3D model. This is great tool to understand better something that doesn’t exist in reality yet, or to sell something in a better way.

    What do I need to get started on a 3D rendering project?

    First step is to have a conversation with one of our senior designers, from there we would require: Plans or blueprints although we can also work from drawings or reference images, camera angles, mood board, inspirational images & all the information for us to begin developing your project. For any 3D rendering project, we have to determine the overall scope of the project to provide you with our time frame as well proposal, after approving this we can then start.

    What type of reference materials are typically needed?

    -Auto CAD files of floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans with Camera angles marked is preferred. However, we can work from PDF, hand sketches and photographs with dimensions provided, which leads to a longer production time.

    -Materials and finishes, such as textures, colors, mood reference images and other details that best describe the project, are also required if applicable. A series of legends marked on the drawings are most helpful.

    -Site Photos. In case you want to see your building superimposed on existing actual site, please supply high-resolution photos, RAW files are preferred, from a specific view angle as of the desired image.

    -Output details: Please inform the output format and desired print size for still images. -The more information we receive, the better our output will be for your project.

    What software do you use?

    AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, V-Ray & F-Storm plugins. For post-production or color correction: Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke. For internal revisions: ReviewStudio.

    What is the normal turnaround time for a project?

    We suggest our clients schedule 1-2 weeks. This allows for enough time for feedback and revisions to ensure that your final 3D renders are exactly the way you want them. The size and complexity of the project also determines our turnaround timeframe. We can also complete a project in as little as one day, expedite fees might apply*.

    What size are the final images? What format does it come in?

    Our standard size for final renderings is 72 dpi. 2500 pixels. (JPEG) Format. In case you would require a Higher Resolution for your project, please consult us since the beginning of your project for more workable options on this matter.*

    How many rounds of revisions or corrections do I have in my project?

    Each project includes (2) rounds of red marks per view, once you exceed this number the remaining changes will be charged extra on an hourly base.

    Design concepts, Furniture and Materials must be established by the Client prior the modeling stage on each round of comments. In case your project is NOT fully designed since start please consult us for more workable options on this matter.

    The addition of Extra images is allowed under the following: NEW time frame and cost restructure reflected on a New Invoice.

    After Feedback has been received by 3DWR; NO additional changes are allowed in between rounds.

    Partial previews are not allowed in between rounds. 3DWR reserves the right to send partial previews just in case of inquiries regarding the current project.

    Printing in any form is not included in any project.

    How long the entire process would take?

    Each project at 3DWR is quite different, regardless if it is a 3D rendering, Virtual reality project, Real estate video or Animation. While we will still do something as small as a house, we often do large scale projects that require extensive design, feedback, development and modification from both ends.

    Short answer, if you have a residential project, let’s say a house, and already have everything ready for us to start, then we could have it done in a week, but if you have a stadium complex and lots of input required then it could take 6 weeks or even longer. It will always depend on the project size, complexity, special requests, and the inevitable changes.

    How does the client & 3D World renderings, Inc. communicate during a project?

    One-to-one, telephone and email direct communication. To upload files we utilize Dropbox for business, for our internal revisions or feedback, we utilize Review Studio.

    Do you have a quality control department?

    Yes, before sending any previews, our QC team will analyze your comments and compare it with your project, either: 3D rendering, Virtual reality, Real Estate video, Animation or VFX. This ensures an effective communication between the client and our studio.

    Mac or PC?

    We utilize both platforms, depending on the type of project: 3D rendering, Virtual reality, Real Estate video, Animation or VFX.

    Are your final renderings suitable for print media?

    Yes, our 3D renderings have been used in a variety of print media. Depending on size requirements, we can provide images up to 300 dpi and in a variety of formats. Any request, simply let us know since the beginning.

    Do you maintain Copyright on all 3D models and renderings you produce?

    3D World renderings, Inc. maintains copyright on all creative works unless otherwise specified since the beginning of the project. Our clients or their licenses are free to use the material for presentation, marketing and online purposes.

  • What does an Architectural rendering image cost?

    It depends on the amount of detail and realism that you require. Prices generally range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for detailed photo realistic renders. We can help you determine the scope of your project in your consultation. If you can tell what you are willing to commit to a project, we can get you the most bang for your buck.

    How can I get a quote?

    Please contact us through our website or call us at our studio: +1 917-704-4242, one of our senior designers will get back to you within one business day. After collecting all the necessary information from your side, we will prepare an accurate quotation for you on the same day.

    What is the basic information needed to write a quote?

    CAD plans, number of images, camera angles, time of day, and desired delivery date. If you have them, furniture specifics as well, if not we’ll use generic 3d models.

    How is a proposal-quote determined?

    Every quote is tailor made, we take into consideration the complexity of your project, the amount of people who would be involved, and your desired timeframe.

    What if my project is in a rush?

    We suggest our clients schedule 1-2 weeks. This allows for enough time for feedback and revisions to ensure that your final 3D renders are exactly the way you want them. The size and complexity of the project also determines our turnaround timeframe. We can also complete a project in as little as one day, expedite fees might apply to work overtime to complete your project*.

    What are your payment & deliveries policies?

    We require an initial 50% deposit to take on any new project at the studio, the remaining 50% balance must be fully cover before the completion date assigned for any project. In case a project has not been fully covered upon delivery, 3DWorld renderings, Inc. reserves the right to deliver the final project in High resolution. Although, if you pay the entire project in advance, you won’t have to worry for your HQ final images being ready for your deadline. Please keep this in mind for all your projects with us.

    How do you estimate the timeframe needed to develop a project?

    Because each project is unique, either 3D rendering, Virtual reality, Real Estate video, Animation or VFX, the turnaround timeframes vary depending on the complexity of the project and the real-time workflow of the company.

    What is your typical pricing?

    We always offer fair, affordable and flexible prices. By fully understanding each project we can supply a dedicated quotation and timeline according to client’s requests.

    Pricing factors include: project complexity, content, quality of given information, technique used, quality requested, limit completion time, output medium and so on.

    Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Lots of our current clients have tried the bargain rendering companies only to end up disappointed with the final results and coming back to us. Our goal is to find a balance between cost and quality. Get ready to make new friends – CG teams are individually tailored to your project, and they’re not easily interchangeable. We recommend choosing people you can work with, overcome disagreements with and even go for a drink with. We think we can be those people for you… come and find out!

    What are your payment methods?

    We accept all major credit cards through PayPal*, Checks, direct deposits or wire transfers*. We recommend paying by check to avoid PayPal and wire transfer fees*.

    Can you please provide us with a: W9 & Employer ID Number?

    Sure, not a problem. 3D World renderings, Inc. Is a company registered accordance with the laws of the State of New York. We can provide all the paperwork required for accounting purposes or other special request you might need.

  • Where is your main office located?

    3D World renderings, Inc. studio is located at: 16 Manhattan Ave. Suite 1E, Brooklyn, NY. Come and visit us!

    Why we should we work with you?

    From our main office in Brooklyn, NY, we provide personal face-to-face service toour NYC clients. We also coordinate a skilled group of experienced 3D | CG artists, technologists and project managers. Over nearly a decade, we have mastered the art of matching teams with our clients like: SOM, Gensler, Compass, Starbucks & Tory Burch to mention a few.

    We always offer competitive prices to our clients. We are capable of completing the time-critical projects. We speak English, Spanish, French & Italian. 1 project manager and 1 assistant manager will be assigned to follow one project.

    Manyofour clients have come tousas start-ups andwe maintain the relationship as their brand recognition grows.

    We maintain one Project Manager and one Assistant Manager to liaise with the brand and organize the client’s and consultants teams. We deliver projects efficiently, with time sensitive schedules by managing our staffing and taking the lead in coordinating with the client to see that information is received and channeled so that milestone schedule dates are met. The leadership of the principals demonstrates toour staff the goals of dedicated professionalism, accuracy and effective project management.

    Our carefully selected team will stick with you, through thick and thin, to the completion of your project. We also have a solid global practice, with clients all over the world. We can travel abroad when needed, orwe can work remotely. Regardless, we will walk with you all the way to success.

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